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Posted by Colin Sharpe on 28/12/2019   Email

just a reminder to all you folks out there to let the history group have your memories, pictures and documents about Markfield's history! Please contact us via the email on this post.

Posted by Paul martin on 14/12/2019   Email

Read the article about old pubs in markfield..turns out my cottage on main st corner/forest road might be one.

Posted by Jo Pegg on 10/10/2019   Email

is there a list of monumental inscriptions for St Michaels churchyard? We have been to look at the gravestones but they have been lent up against the wall of the churchyard and many of them can't be read because they are overgrown with ivy

Posted by Sue Hardy on 02/09/2019   Email

I am still trying to date 3 Main Street Joyners corner end. You are showing a recent addition on your website showing us on the right of the picture. Any chance you could put us in touch with the owner of this picture ? Would be most grateful Sue Hardy

Posted by Roy Ball on 31/07/2018

Excellent website! I am a Leicester man and my wife and I are lucky enough to have just moved into The Green and look forward to finding more out about the area and its rich history. Hopefully we will also make local peoples acquaintance at the next History group meeting. Keep up the superb work!

Posted by Rik Scott on 22/07/2018   Email

Fantastic website! My direct Scott line were residents of Markfield for several generations (as far back as I can trace to James Scott b.1720) working as Framework Knitters and quarrymen/blacksmiths until emigrating to New Zealand in 1882. I would love to visit one day and soak up the history.

Posted by Josie Pegg on 24/05/2018

Are there any photos of Stoke Hayes Farm? My husbands 3xgt gmother lived there when she was married to Samuel Bacon. They were there in 1841 and 1851. We found the farm on an old map from 1903 and have visited the site but there is no sign of the building anymore. It seems to have been there in 1939. Any clues as to when it was demolished?

Posted by Colin Sharpe on 13/05/2018   Email

Please reply to the history group e-mail with any information for Andy Winter.

Posted by Andy Winter on 12/05/2018

Another one researching family history! I am looking for any information relating to Thomas William Haywood and Mary Richards who were born in the 1880's and also Thomas Stanley Haywood born 1922. The all lived at 85 Main Street. Thomas William was identified as a servant at Ulverscoft Manor in the 1913 census. Also, the 1939 census shows someone else at the Main Street address by the name of Roy Platts. Any information about Roy and the connection to the Haywoods would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Markfield Local History Group on 18/03/2018

If anyone knows the history of Markfield Rovers, please get in touch! And we always welcome old photos, stories, etc. - please contact us at

Posted by Brian Mee on 31/01/2018   Email

Can the history of Markfield Rovers be included on the site ? Can there also be a gallery set up to upload photos. Sorry to ask this but I'm sure that are hundreds of photos waiting to be shared !

Posted by Jane Rattue on 09/01/2018   Email

Recently discovered that my ancestors were born Pywells not Bacon/Beacon. Millers of Markfield and or Lowick. Amos Pywell k/as Beacon sister Mary Ann Maria Pywell/Beacon married John Wadsworth. Any facts welcomed.

Posted by Nigel Brown on 06/12/2017   Email

Hi, I'm a Browns Blue Brown, son of Norman and Win, we lived on Ashby Road in the early 60's.

Posted by Lisa on 25/11/2017

Seeking information about my nan Elsie May Hall who worked /nursed at Markfield hospital in the 1930's.

Posted by Sally Prytherch on 01/11/2017   Email

Hello, a local history book 'Elsie May Dearest' is about to go to print, it is a series of letters from 1918 to 1945 the latter half being written from Markfield Sanatorium. I have been working on it for four years. I obtained permission from your group two or three years ago to use the information from your site about the Sanatorium, which in in the appendix , Many Thanks Sally

Posted by Gerald Millward on 20/05/2017   Email

I was born in Markfield in 1942 and lived in the general store & post office in Main Streetuntil 1946. Brother Brian is buried in the Cemetery.

Posted by Kay Howard on 06/03/2017   Email

Hi, I'm the great grand-daughter of Flora Williamson, nee Toon (died 1923). I've inherited an album of unmarked photos, which I think are mainly of the Toon families from Markfield. I wondered if anyone could help me identify them. I would be most grateful. Kay

Posted by barry walne on 19/10/2016   Email

where can I purchase a book about markfield hospital , as I was a patient there from 1957 - 1958 a remarkable hospital , with Dr Selby and many more I can recall .

Posted by Judith Cummins on 27/09/2016   Email

Thank you for the lovely site on the history of Markfield. My mum was the youngest daughter of Joseph and Ada Allen of Alma Villa Forest Road. Alma Villa has belonged to the family for over a 100 years. My auntie owned Harris Hardware Shop and have fond memories of helping my auntie in the shop as a young girl. My grandparents and family are resting in the cemetery and were valued members of the markfield community. Judith

Posted by Anne Unkow (nee Ball) on 08/08/2016   Email

Love your site, I found my great grandparents' graves John and Sara Boulds. I never knew they were buried there. I have been led to believe that he kept the George -- probably in the late 1800's when my granddad, Frank Boulds, was a child. Sarah was a Clapham.

Posted by Teresa Casey on 14/04/2016   Email

I grew up in Markfield initially living at the caravan site in quarry lane and thereafter on Church Drive until 1977. I am interested in old friends form those days and also in getting hold of the books by the Markfield History group that detail the history of the village. In particular I am interested in the Markfield Hospital history as this is where my mother worked some years ago before my birth and also where I had surgery in infancy. should anyone have any information I would be very grateful.

Posted by Darren Mason on 12/04/2016   Email

Evening. I too am looking in to my family history. My Pallett family originate from Markfield. I would love to know if anyone has any other info on the family? Thanks.

Posted by Claire Critchley on 21/03/2016

Thank you have really enjoyed finding out more about Markfield. Have lived here for over thirty years and have found out so much more about my area in just 30 minutes!

Posted by Brian Mee on 08/02/2016   Email

Although now living in Hereford I visit Markfield every 4 - 6 weeks to put flowers on my parents grave. I'm sad to see the institute in such a state and mourn its fall into disrepair. I played for Markfield Rovers for many years along with my brother and fatherin the days when we changed into our kit in the institute and walked down to the pitch before being sold for being sadly development. My mother worked as the caretaker for the infant school on the green when Mr Wesley was head teacher. I'd like to see more old photos of Markfield on the site. I'll try and put some on myself. I'm sure that there are many who remember me or my brother David Mee or indeed my parents George and Janet Mee Good luck with the the site.

Posted by Ann Cass ne Turner on 30/01/2016   Email

I was there in 1949 for 2yr then I went Nottingham for 1yr. I was wondering if any had any old photos. thank you.

Posted by Liz Borrow on 21/01/2016   Email

Hi, I am researching my husband's family the Bacon's of Whitwick and Markfield. John Bacon died 1801. He was a coal carrier.His wife was Elizabeth Toon. Elizabeth's brother John Toon was executor of the Will. Elizabeth Bacon died in Portsea in 1827 leaving land in Shaw Land and Whitwick. I have had an enormous help from the Leicestershire Record Office with Wills and etc. I have a story on the Bacon family who went to Deptford and Portsea.

Posted by Rachel Hawkins on 13/11/2015

A wonderful website, thank you so much for sharing. I am a descendant of both the Warners and the Browns who provided transport services in the village - I'll see if I can get hold of some photographs if you'd be interested in having them.

Posted by Glenn Watret on 30/07/2015

very good information well done

Posted by Carl Billson on 25/07/2015

Many thanks for the great research by the everyone involved with the local History Group. This website is a real treasure trove of information!

Posted by Helen Worth on 28/05/2015   Email

I am a descendant of George Worth of Markfield who migrated to Australia in 1844. I believe his family may have been long time residents of your area. I am currently compiling information for member of the family here. We are quite a large family, spread over the east coast of Australia. I have traced back to a Mrs Worth born in 1580, via the internet.

Posted by Gary John Toon on 19/05/2015   Email

I am researching my family history MY great great grand father was born in Markfeild in 1840 and died in Rockhampton Australia in 1923 aged 83 years. My great grand father was John William Toon born 1876 in Markfeild died in Rockhampton Austarlia 1927 aged 51 years.

Posted by Gordon smith/hargrave on 18/03/2015

I was born on 18/09/ paternal family farmed glebe farm,forest maternal family were haulage contractors and lived at the laurels,main street,mothers maiden name was Harriet Amy hargrav e . whose parents were John Robert,and Isabelle fathers name was William Thomas smith,his parents were frank and may, frank died in 1947 at glebe farm.all are buried at welford road cemetery,Leicester.I remember so much of my early life in mark field but know nothing of of how and why my family arrived in markfild.thank you in anticipation.

Posted by steve cadle on 04/09/2014   Email

Looking for family history my dads family lived in mark field I know they played cricket and football for mark field in 1930s and 1940s.